Get Emperio Armani Watches Within Moderate Budget

The market trend is of designer accessories and Emperio Armani watches is an attempt from the Italian fashion house to respond to it. The Emperio Armani is the second most expensive line in all their offerings but it also means that these watches are not only marketed to affluent youth but also carry a broad appeal to the target customers. These watches represent luxury and wealth to the target group and designs are aplenty, from classic to modern, trendy and fun.

Get Emperio Armani Watches Within Moderate Budget 1

Although Emperio Armani is known for being a high-end fashion accessories seller, Emperio Armani is the largest and highest revenue generating chain of Giorgio Armani and these watches are sold on namesake boutiques, online, departmental stores worldwide.Emperio Armani watches are found at a variety of places, despite of its upscale image of class affordability, which the company promotes with such exuberance. This is no exception from other products from the brand though.

However, their price points, which they are not really affordable to every Tom, Dick or Harry, are not really absurdly high, when we compare those against other high-end fashion accessories sellers. This is probably due to the company strategy of capturing and penetrating the mass market which maintaining their brand image of limited availability.Staying true to this, they have a whole lot of watches in the middle range which can go with most occasions and fashion statements.

The brand is rue to the classical style and thus, a more conservative design is chosen for these models. However, the models for women are little bolder and relaxed when compared against those of men. However, the large dial size is common for both categories.

Whether it is the Meccanico model for men or AR5628 model for women, you cannot miss the large watch face size.Inside he brushed steel casing, however, it is the same story, the same precision movement, 30 to 50 meters of water resistant and sensitive push piece complemented on the exterior with pin straps and buckles. These watches are sturdy and reliable, despite being called designer watches.

Get Emperio Armani Watches Within Moderate Budget 2

They carry two years of warranty which basically covers everything. They come with a booklet which tells you exactly how to keep them safe and healthy, apart from the regular users manual.You can find different ways to get Emperio Armani watches in London for yourself.

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Qualcomms Affordable Premium Strategy Blossoms with Latest Snapdragon 660/630 Platforms
Counterpoint Analysts participated at Qualcomms latest launch events for its Snapdragon 600 platforms latest solutions 660 and 630 at Snapdragon Tech Day in Singapore as well as at the launch event in Beijing. The launch timing and the features of these platforms are important as these bring flagship-grade experiences at relatively affordable price-points. This is important because $250 to $399 wholesale price bands has been the fastest growing price segment globally recently (see here). While the combinations of (Bill of Materials) BoM costs across brands can vary, but the Snapdragon 660/630 will be featured in devices crafting advanced experiences in the price range of US$300 to US$500 retail price points.Growth of Affordable Premium Phones:Source: Counterpoint Research: Q1 2017 Global Market MonitorEight out of Ten mobile phones sold globally now are smartphonesThe smartphone user base has been swelling as more feature phone users have upgraded to smartphones over the last three years globallyThe smartphone user base is getting more and more matured and beginning to see smartphones as one of the most important tool central to their lives and can afford to shell out more for a realtively latest and greatest deviceIn key emerging markets such as India, China which are mostly mobile first markets, we have seen the smartphone upgrade cycles a bit shortening (see here) and more so driven by proliferation of LTE networks in these markets and data plan getting cheaper to enjoy more and more services on the smartphonesThis has been driving share of more advanced specs phones higher than mid-range or low-end phones lately, a trend which will continue for some time now as users move up the smartphone experience curveFurthermore, in many markets operator subsidies on devices have been declining which has also catalyzed the need for power-packed Affordable Premium smartphones with a relatively lower upfront costsAs a result, depending on the OEM and its Bill of Materials (BoM) strategy, we are seeing powerful smartphone specs and experiences between $250 to $400 wholesale price segments.Qualcomm Snapdragon 660/630 Hit The Sweet Spot:Source: Qualcomm & Counterpoint EstimatesQualcomms Snapdragon 660/630 platforms hits the sweet spot of this important $250-$400 segment which will continue to grow and broaden over the next couple of yearsThe most important features 660 platform is manufactured on the highly efficient 14nm FinFET process node technology with the powerful 8x Kyro 260 CPU, and Hexagon 680 DSP which can be optimized for bringing in the advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities via Qualcomms baked in on-device Snapdragon Neural Processing engine to the device supporting Tensorflow & Caffe/Caffe2 AI architectures. OEMs are running high on integrating AI & ML capabilities into their devices (see here) and its going to be a common theme for next entire decadeIt also sports the latest X12 LTE modem enabling theoretical LTE download throughputs of 600 Mbps (Cat 13 at 3x20MHz 256QAM Carrier Aggregation) in addition to integrating 2x2 802.11ac and MU-MIMO (Multi User). Many operators globally are rolling out next generation LTE networks with millions of LTE subs on their network (see here) and this is going to be important to make your $400 device future proofThe modem supports VoLTE with SVRCC (3G&2G). VoWIFi as well as Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) to enable Ultra HD Voice experiences on the network. VoLTE is becoming important feature not only for high or premium tiers but also for entry-tier mobile devices (see here), so integrating premium VoLTE experiences such as HD or Ultra HD voice becomes important even at $250 or $400 deviceThe platform also supports LPDDR4 dual channel DRAM memory along with the latest UFS NAND memory support. This is also a key feature to enable premium experiences as DDR4 memory becomes important for experiences as well as marketshare for Qualcomms OEM partners (see here)Camera has always been a key feature for mobile phone users and now a window to future Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. The 660 platform also features its latest Spectra 160 Image Signal Processor (ISP) with 14-bit dual camera ISP enabling a maximum of dual 16 MP cameras configuration along with advanced Computer Vision capabilities and Qualcomm Clear Sight camera featuresSource: QualcommQualcomm has also strengthened audio performance Qualcomm Aqstic Audio (with aptX support), baked in Qualcomm mobile security framework as well as Adreno 512 GPU which is designed to enhance AI/ML to video playback to OpenGL ES 3. 2 and Vulkan supportGrowth & CompetitionIn summary this is a very powerful platform for Qualcomm to drive the overall growth and offset some de-growth in the premium segment lately as key brands in premium-tier (such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei) become more vertical integrated adopting their in-house or a mix of competing solutions. This also means it will put immense pressure on MediaTek to push it down further to mid0tier segment a strong blow to Helio lineup. This will also make it difficult for likes of Huawei and Samsung to compete with Qualcomm with their own solutions especially in mid- to high-tier segments. We believe Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG and others will remain the key brands to adopt and drive this latest platform in volumes
Heard About Qualcomms Neural Processing Engine? Why You Should Care
Just over a month ago on July 25th, Qualcomm unveiled its Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) software development kit (SDK). The announcement noted Facebook will integrate the technology into the platforms augmented reality camera. Nexar was also part of the announcement. This news didnt receive front page coverage, but heres why it should have. Qualcomm released a developer kit that will be adopted broadly to make us safer, give us some measure of privacy back, and speed the path to realistic artificial intelligence application.We Can Make Our World SaferOur brains have their limitations. Sometimes distracted or tired, at other times rusty or misinformed. While many of the conversations about artificial intelligence (AI) dwell on augmented reality and gaming, maybe one of the better applications will be to increase our safety tipping us off at the right moment into noticing, taking or avoiding some action.At Nexar, weve implemented the NPE technology to do just this. Weve turned every text-distracting phone into a fully-fledged Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) device at no additional cost offering todays 1. 2 billion cars on roads globally the quickest path to greater safety. So far, audible ADAS collision avoidance alerts have been estimated to decrease road accidents by 50%. We can only hope this technology and what were developing saves even more lives in the future. Our Privacy Has a Fighting ChanceWe have long surrendered our private information to digital service providers like Google and Facebook in exchange for convenient logins and access. Weve accepted and expected that they know everything about us and trust them to keep this information safe. We keep seeing examples, however, of how little ownership we maintain over our digitized data. But now with all the foundational data and algorithms developed, and AI working at warp speed, there is no need to capture all that data.As just one example, there is a growing industry of home care AI devices that can track whether or not the patient has fallen to the floor and an ambulance should be called. This is now done without the need to relay video of or data from the home 24/7. It simply knows how to track a person and understand what is a normal pose, what is not, and how long that person sleeps or is not moving throughout the day. The system just simply places a call when it detects a senior citizen is in distress.Qualcomms announcement furthers this privacy stance by supporting common deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, Caffe2 and Tensorflow. That means AI can be taught on the cloud and brought onboard the mobile phone to work autonomously, without the need to divulge private data.Every Device Will Have A Camera and A BrainEvan Nisselson, Partner in LDV Capital, wrote and spoke more than once on how the Internet of Eyes (IoEyes) is developing. He and others have projected that 45 billion cameras will have depth analysis capabilities and process our world live by 2022. These cameras would be in everything from household to automotive appliances, toys to manufacturing and security devices.Despite its launch, Qualcomms far from the only company focusing on the capacity of any device to capture and comprehend needs though. Qi Lu, Baidus COO in a recent WIRED interview touched on AI-first devices. He noted the development of technology that would focus on facial recognition over voice or image recognition with a finger-interface.New Capability Means OpportunityMaking AI-enabled neural networks work on small, low power and cheap devices was till recently a very similar challenge. These neuron-based algorithms needed huge memory space and tons of computing power to run in a mission-critical real-time cloud environment. It was impossible to run AI on any and all devices.With time, deep learning frameworks have advanced, as has the technology to compress neural networks, and finally, the chipset manufacturers runtime environments have matured. As the floodgates of moving AI from the cloud to edge devices has opened, we can expect to live smarter and more immediately augmented lives with more than just connectivity and music at the palm of our hands. Well also have vision-enhanced AI. On the face of it, this is yet another tech announcement, which tends to go unnoticed by most of us. However, Id argue this was a moment to remember as our smartphones became 1000x smarter and more useful overnight. The potential of a huge range of Vision-AI applications to develop is technology that matters in our daily lives.
Snapdragon 835 Membawa Pengalaman IoT Lebih Luas
Qualcomm merupakan salah satu perusahaan yang juga mulai bergerak untuk menghadapi era Internet of Things. Perusahaan ini menyatakan bahwa telah memproduksi lebih dari 1 miliar chip untuk kebutuhan Internet of Things.Sudah banyak device yang telah menggunakan chip buatan Qualcomm tersebut. Seperti televisi, sampai bermacam macam sensor. Kini Qualcomm menciptakan chip yang lebih baik lagi untuk diterapkan pada produk IoT. Yaitu Snapdragon 835.Qualcomm mengklaim snapdragon telah digunakan lebih dari 80% di smartwatch Android Wear yang beredar di seluruh dunia. Bukan hanya di smartphone saja, chip ini juga akan dipasang pada perangkat perangkat IoT. Seperti VR, AR, Komputer, IP Cam dan lainnya.Kali ini Qualcomm mengajak Samsung untuk bekerja sama dengannya. Karena menurut Qualcomm Samsung merupakan perusahaan teknologi yang sudah sangat besar.Di Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 kemarin, ada banyak produk mobile yang telah mencoba menggunakan chip tersebut. Beberapa diantaranya ODG R-8 AR/VR, perangkat smart home Mattel Arristole sampai smartwatch bertabur swarovski. Qualcomm juga telah melirik bisnis pembuatan self driving car. Qualcomm terus berusaha dalam penerapan self driving car dari sisi konektivitas dan sensor di sekitar mobil. Meski Volkswagen menyatakan akan menggunakan prosesor 820A dan modem Snapdragon X12 dan X5 LTE untuk produk mobilnya di masa depan, Qualcomm masih memiliki pesaing hebat yaitu Intel yang telah berinvestasi sebesar US$250 juta. Sumber : dirangkum dari berbagai sumber.
7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk Naga
7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk Naga Yak, kembali lagi dengan artikel-artikel fakta dari, portal artikel artikel mengenai dunia teknologi dan digital masa kini. Kali ini artikel fakta akan membahas tentang perusahaan yang menelurkan salah satu processor termahsyur saat ini yaitu Qualcomm. Menjadi salah satu andalan para pengembang ponsel pintar dunia, perusahaan ini telah menelurkan naga yang siap menumpas para pesaingnya. Ya, sang Qualcomm Snapdragon digadang gadang sebagai processor terkuat yang umum disematkan pada rentang ponsel mid-end hingga high-end, menjadikannya sebagai pangsa pasar dominan dalam bidang chipset dan processor.Perusahaan yang berbasis di San Diego, Amerika Serikat ini telah mengembangkan berbagai produk Snapdragon-nya dalam beberapa varian sesuai dengan kebutuhan permintaan pasar yang ada. Tidak hanya sebatas ponsel pintar saja, namun mereka juga sudah merambah ke dunia perangkat keras komputasi.Dan tanpa diketahui, ternyata sang penakluk naga ini memiliki berbagai fakta menarik mengenai sepak terjang kebangkitannya dalam merajai pasar global. Maka berikut ini 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk Naga yang menarik untuk diperbincangkan oleh para penggunannya. 1) Produk pertama Qualcomm adalah radio kopdar khusus trukProduk pertama Qualcomm adalah radio kopdar khusus truk 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaSebelum akhirnya ia muncul sebagai pemain di dunia chipset dan processor, Qualcomm terlebih dahulu muncul di masyarakat sebagai sebuah perusahaan telekomunikasi nirkabel yang mengkhususkan dirinya pada teknologi-teknologi komunikasi berbasis gelombang radio dan sinyal pendek.Pada saat itu, produk mereka yang pertama kali masuk pada pasar komersil adalah sebuah radio digital berbasis gelombang sinyal pendek yang memiliki fitur GPS dan perpesanan. Produk yang diberi nama OmniTRACKS ini banyak digunakan oleh perusahaan-perusahaan kargo dan ekpedisi untuk disematkan pada truk-truk mereka. Hingga akhirnya pada tahun 1990 mereka berubah haluan ke bidang perangkat seluler CDMA.Read More 12 Pesan yang Sering Muncul Pada BsoD dan Cara Penanggulangan2) Qualcomm Snapdragon yang mampu menumbangkan pesaing-pesaingnyaQualcomm Snapdragon yang mampu menumbangkan pesaing-pesaingnya 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaMeski pada awalnya Qualcomm harus terseok-seok ketika melebarkan sayapnya ke dalam ranah chipset dan processor, namun pada akhirnya ia mampu merajai pasar tersebut dengan berbagai inovasi dan keunggulan produk yang dimilikinya.Hanya memerlukan waktu dua tahun untuk menyempurnakan Snapdragon-nya, Qualcomm mampu mengalahkan pemain-pemain besar kala itu seperti Texas Instrument dan Nvidia. Hingga pada saat Samsung memilih Qualcomm sebagai pendukung produk produk ponsel pintarnya, ia akhirnya mampu mengalahkan dominasi pasar processor yang lama dipegang oleh Intel.3) Qualcomm lebih dulu mendominasi pada pangsa jaringan seluler duniaQualcomm lebih dulu mendominasi pada pangsa jaringan seluler dunia 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaDikarenakan lamanya ia berkecimpung pada dunia jaringan dan telekomunikasi nirkabel, menjadikan Qualcomm sebagai perusahaan berpengalaman dalam bidang perkembangan jaringan seluler dan berbagai teknologi pendukungnya.Beberapa terobosan teknologi jaringan yang sudah diprakarsai diantaranya seperti jaringan CDMA atau singkatan dari Code-division Multiple Access, HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) atau yang juga dikenal dengan 3G dan bahkan LTE (Long Term Evolution) atau yang juga dikenal dengan sebutan 4G. Sebagian besar teknologi jaringan tersebut dimiliki oleh Qualcomm sebagai pemegang patennya, wow!4) Qualcomm juga berkecimpung pada bisnis satelit jaringan selulerQualcomm juga berkecimpung pada bisnis satelit jaringan seluler 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaDominasinya pada bidang jaringan seluler tersebut tidak terlepas dari keunggulannya dalam pengembangan teknologi jaringan telekomunikasi dan nirkable. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari keseriusannya dalam mengembangkan teknologi teknologi yang berhubungan dengan bidang-bidang tersebut.Beberapa diantaranya telah direalisasikan dalam bentuk pengembangan-pengembangan teknologi jaringan yang termutakhir. Salah satu komitmen mereka tersebut diwujudkan dengan diberdayakannya satelit sebagai teknologi penunjang jaringan.Read More Trik Terbaik Menghindari Serangan RansomwarePada tahun 90-an mereka sudah bekerjasama dengan perusahaan yang bergerak pada bidang antariksa dan teknologi satelit, Loral Space & Communications, untuk pengembangan sistem bernama Globalstar yang terdiri dari 44 satelit aktif demi menunjang teknologi jaringan mereka. Wajar saja jika berbagai teknologi jaringan diatas mampu diprakarsai oleh mereka. 5) Tidak hanya chipset dan processor, Qualcomm memiliki banyak varian produkTidak hanya chipset dan processor, Qualcomm memiliki banyak varian produk 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaMeski Qualcomm dikenal berkat kiprah dari Snapdragon miliknya, namun sudah banyak produk-produk lain yang telah ditelurkan jauh sebelum itu. Beberapa produk tersebut bahkan terbilang sukses ia rajai dan berhasil menarik minat khalayak dunia. Berbagai produk mulai dari piranti keras hingga piranti lunak telah berhasil Qualcomm pasarkan hingga ke tingkat internasional. Beberapa yang ia unggulkan seperti: produk perangkat realitas virtual miliknya Qualcomm VR Headset, telepon satelit, transmisi penerima gelombang televisi MediaFLO system, sistem komunikasi walkie-talkie Qchat, modem dan provider seluler Qualcomm Gobi, panel tampilan layar perangkat Mirasol Display, pengisi daya perangkat nirkabel HALO, sistem operasi BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), codec penerimaan bunyi FEC Codec, dan masih banyak lagi.6) Sebagian besar produk ponsel pintar Samsung menggunakan produk Qualcomm SnadragonSebagian besar produk ponsel pintar Samsung menggunakan produk Qualcomm Snadragon 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaSemenjak Qualcomm memenangkan tender proyek pembuatan chipset dan processor milik produk-produk ponsel pintar Samsung dengan Snapdragon miliknya, kemahsyurannya di bidang teknologi perangkat seluler semakin dikenal dunia. Dengan bantuan Samsung lah, berbagai produk Qualcomm tersebut bisa sampai hingga ke berbagai tempat dan mungkin salah satunya ada ditangan kita para penggunanya. Hal inipun diakui oleh Qualcomm sendiri bahwa kurang lebih sekitar 80% produk ponsel pintar Samsung, menggunakan chipset dan processor buatan mereka. Meski begitu, atas dasar mengurangi biaya produksi dan menghindari harga yang terlalu tinggi dipasaran, Samsung hanya menyematkan produk produk Qualcomm pada perangkat mid-end dan high-end miliknya saja. Sedangkan untuk perangkat-perangkat low-end yang dimiliki, Samsung lebih memilih menggunakan chipset dan processor buatannya sendiri. Read More 3 Fakta Bukalapak yang mungkin tidak Anda ketahui7) Terdapat bug pada setiap sistem Qualcomm Snapdragon yang dimiliki oleh AndroidTerdapat bug pada setiap sistem Qualcomm Snapdragon yang dimiliki oleh Android 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk NagaMeski Qualcomm dengan Snapdragon-nya digadang-gadang sebagai chipset dan processor paling mumpuni di jagad ponsel pintar saat ini, namun ternyata masih terdapat kelemahan yang dimiliki oleh produk semiconductor tersebut.Pada tahun 2016, perusahaan keamanan perangkat lunak, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., menemukan sebuah bug pada setiap sistem Qualcomm Snapdragon yang dibubuhkan pada ponsel-ponsel pintar keluaran Samsung. Bug yang dinamakan QuadRooter ini, memberikan kesempatan pada hackers untuk mencuri data dari ponsel pintar Android tersebut.Tidak hanya itu, bug ini bahkan hingga dapat mengizinkan sang hackers untuk mendapatkan akses penuh dan mengambil alih penggunaan ponsel pintar jika tidak segera ditindaklanjuti. Namun tidak membutuhkan waktu lama bagi Qualcomm untuk segera melakukan perbaikan pada produk-produk mereka yang belum sempat dilepaskan di pasaran. Dan itulah 7 Fakta Qualcomm Sang Processor Penakluk Naga. Meski banyak yang beranggapan bahwa Snapdragon masih terbilang muda pada kompetisi dunia semikonduktor, namun beberapa fakta diatas membuktikan bahwa Qualcomm memiliki keunggulannya tersendiri. Tentu masing-masing individu memiliki pendapatnya masing-masing. Bagaimana Qualcomm menurut kalian? Silahkan tinggalkan komentarmu di kolom yang tersedia dan like serta share ya!By: Sir Lord Artaz GangIn technology, whatever can be done will be done Andrew S. GrowOriginally published at on May 7, 2018
Samsung Might Make Better Exynos Chipsets Than Their Own Snapdragon
Samsung Might Make Better Exynos Chipsets Than Their Own Snapdragon So it looks like Qualcomm is worried. Theyre worried that Samsung might make better Exynos chipsets than their own Snapdragon SoCs. You see all smartphone manufacturers use chipsets in their devices except Apple, Huawei and to some extent Samsung. Apple makes its own A-series bionic chip, Huawei makes Kirin chipsets while Samsung uses a mix of Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets on their devices.Recently we heard that Samsung is planning to use the Snapdragon 865 chipsets in the Galaxy S11 devices in more markets than ever before. Usually, they use Snapdragon in the US, Canada, and China while they use their own in house Exynos chips in the rest of the world. But since Samsung believes that the Snapdragon 865 is a better chipset over the Exynos 990 they changed their strategy and will use Snapdragon 865 in more markets.For those of you who dont know Samsung has a chipset foundry business where they manufacture the chipsets. Qualcomm is their biggest customer. The Snapdragon processors are designed by Qualcomm but Samsung is the one who produces them in their own factories. Now, at the last moment, Qualcomm has decided that theyre not going to give Samsung the contract to manufacture the Snapdragon 865 processors. Instead, theyll let TSMC make these processors for them.Business Korea which is a big south Korean publication is saying the reason for this is that Qualcomm doesnt want to share its AP-related intellectual properties with Samsung. This way it can better protect its trade secrets and weaken Samsungs foundry business all at the same time. You see Qualcomm doesnt think that TSMC is better than Samsung.In fact, Samsungs foundry is better because of the EUV tech but Qualcomm doesnt want Samsung to know its trade secrets and design drawings which it can then potentially use to improve its own Exynos chipsets. You see a few months ago Samsung made a deal with AMD where Samsung is going to license the Radeon graphics for the Exynos chipsets. Not only that Samsung has decided to move away from Mangoos cores and will instead use ARMs cores directly.AMD, as you know, is a big name in the PC industry and their graphics is the best out there. Using their graphics would drastically improve the GPU of Exynos, the one area where Exynos chips lag behind the Snapdragon.Also, directly using ARMs cores would mean the Exynos will perform almost exactly like Snapdragon because Qualcomm also directly uses ARMs cores with some slight tweaks. Basically starting 2021, Exynos chips will be either perform equal to Snapdragon chipsets or will be better than Snapdragon chipsets. And thats the reason Qualcomm is worried that their future dominance in the chipset industry is under question and thats the reason they want to weaken Samsungs chipset business. Qualcomm is playing dirty, just like they did with Apple. We know playing dirty is part of the business but this would mean that Samsungs foundry business will take a massive hit this year. Samsung has decided to use more Snapdragon 865 and less Exynos 990 which means they dont have many chipsets to manufacture and will lose billions in revenues this year.But we hope the AMD deal would turn the fortunes for them and they dont have to rely on Qualcomm for the chipset business. They can just use Exynos in all of their devices and ditch the Snapdragon altogether.
Oppo Reno Leather Wallet Case Cover
Oppo has recently launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Reno this year. The phone will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB and an internal memory of 128 GB expandable up to 256 GB. It is expected to have a rear camera consisting of a 48MP primary sensor and 8MP camera Exmor-RS CMOS Sensorand a 16 MP shooter at the front. It will sport a 6. 4-inch AMOLED screen with a3765mAh battery under the hood. The main feature of the phone will be its design and it will be 9mm slim and weigh 185 grams.A good smartphone cover allows you to flaunt your personality and at the same time provides safety for your phone. Mobile phone covers have become a fashion statement these days. They have become a necessary accessory for your phone like memory cards, earphones and power banks. Because over the years people have realized that buying a phone is not enough, one also has to spend money on its safety as well. Because a phone has become probably the most valuable and precious commodity in a persons life these days. And we understand your concern to protect your phone from any accidental bumps and bruises and thats why we have curated a wide range of back covers for Oppo Renowith proper cut-outs for the speaker, camera, charger and headphones, all in a very affordable price range so that your phones safety doesnt burn a hole in your pocket.Check them out below:Plain Fabric Oppo Reno Case:The plain fabric covers are single coloured with a cloth like texture that provides a soft and comfortable grip for a very friendly user experience. They are available in four colours : Brown, Grey, Blue and Black. The black cover is completely blacked out, with the cloth texture providing a simple yet elegant look. The blue and the grey covers are mild and pleasing to the eyes and they come with a black strip on the sides. And the brown covers are suitable for someone who likes a stealth look for their phones but also finds the black covers too dark. The plain fabric covers are the evergreen simple covers that has been loved by customers since ages and will be loved for many more years. All in all, our plain fabric back covers for Oppo Reno add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the phone. Canvas Fabric Oppo Reno Cover:Our canvas fabric back covers for Oppo Reno come with a two tone look that gives your phone a customized look. Available in four colours: Brown, Grey, Blue and Black, the colour combination in these covers makes your phone look really cool and hip. The top layer of the cover has the cloth like texture found in our plain fabric covers and the bottom layer has a leather texture, providing excellent grip while using it or when placed on the table. Both the layers are of the same colour, with the bottom layer made up of a lighter shade than the top. These are for people who like to funk it up a little with their phone covers and at the same time want a good level of security for their phone as well. The canvas material provides that extra level of security than the plain fabric covers as it prevents the phone from slipping from any glass and other smooth surfaces. Leather Wallet Back Cover for Oppo Reno:The demand for wallet cases has increased substantially in the last few years and this is due to the fact that it allows people to store their essentials like debit cards, credit cards, cash or other miscellaneous things in their phone cover making it an all-in-one package. Our Leather Wallet Cases are made up of high-grade genuine leather that gives the phone a very premium and luxurious look. Typically, wallet cases are bulky, but the slim and slight design of our wallet cases makes it comfortable and easy to hold. The Oppo Reno covers are available in brown and black and with raised edges for the camera and the screen, the phone is protected against any shocks and bumps and the back card-slot design makes it easier to store all your essentials like cash IDs, credit and debit cards, cash and other miscellaneous items in your back cover. These are the ultimate all-in-one phone covers that takes care of everything from safety, accessorizing, storage space for your essentials and providing a unique and beautiful look for your phone.Carbon FiberOppo Reno Case:The shock proof design of the Carbon FiberOppo Reno cases will protect your phone from the hardest of falls. Whether you are going for a camping trip or your phone is constantly exposed to harsh conditions, the sleek design of this cover makes it handy to use while offering full protection from any damages. Available in two colours: Blue and Black, the carbon fiber cover allows you to go about your day without worrying about your phones safety. These covers are like The Hulk, they will safeguard your phone from any outside damages. These covers are for the ones with butter fingers!These are the 4 types of covers available in our store for the Oppo Reno. We are constantly innovating and designing new unique covers for you. Check this space for updates for our new products. So, go quickly to our website KSSShop. comand order these new back covers for Oppo Reno before they vanish and you are left with feeling sad that you missed these beauties!
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